BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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104234Haagan, M
35924MasterHaai, Floris
35922MissHaai, Jeanie
35923MasterHaai, John
35921MrsHaai, Louisa
36899MissHaarge, Sarah
154717MissHaarhoff, Catherine
36071MasterHaarhoff, David Schalk
127008MasterHaarhoff, David Schalk
36067MrHaarhoff, David Schalk
154715MrsHaarhoff, Ella Carolina
36068MrsHaarhoff, Gertruda Maria
127005MrsHaarhoff, Gertruida Maria
36072MasterHaarhoff, Hendrik Josephus
40434MasterHaarhoff, Henry
43791MasterHaarhoff, Henry
154716MissHaarhoff, Hester
40439MrsHaarhoff, J
40440MissHaarhoff, Johanna
40435MissHaarhoff, Johanna

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