BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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11993MsKaarlsen, Martha
147229MrsKaarlson, Magdalena Elizabeth
65597MrsKaber, Cecelia Berhd
65598MasterKaber, Eduard Philippus
65992MasterKaber, Franz Joseph
65991MrKaber, Johannes Martinus
65602MissKaber, Kathrina Maria
65600MasterKaber, Robert William
65601MissKaber, Rosa Kathrina
65635MrKaber, Thom
65599MasterKaber, Thomas Henry
65952MrKaber, Thomas Phillip
57333MasterKachelhoffer, Andries JacobusAndries
57330MissKachelhoffer, Anna Catherina C LAnna
75176MissKachelhoffer, Anna Maria
75174MrsKachelhoffer, Elizabetha Margaretha Johanna
40955MrKachelhoffer, Goilas
40952MasterKachelhoffer, Harris
40950MrKachelhoffer, J Joachem
75177MasterKachelhoffer, Jacobus Abraham Jacobus

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