BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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75173MrKachelhoffer, James Cornelissen
40951MrsKachelhoffer, Johanna L
75175MasterKachelhoffer, Johannes Bernardus Jacobus
57332MasterKachelhoffer, Johannes JacobusJohannes
57327MrsKachelhoffer, Margerita ElizMargerita E; Mag Eliz
57329MissKachelhoffer, Margerita ElizabethMagreta Eliz
40953MrsKachelhoffer, Rachel J
57328MrKachelhoffer, Rudolf Johannes FrancoisRudolf Johannes Frans
57331MissKachelhoffer, Susanna Catherina S ECatrina
36502MrKadruka, Antonie Luqie
36506MasterKadruka, Antonis
36504MasterKadruka, Manns
36505MasterKadruka, Oreste
36503MrsKadruka, Theresa
127566MissKaegi, Ita
127567MissKaegi, Maria Magdalena
127565MrsKaegi, Marie
127708MissKahl, Emilie Elizabeth
127707MissKahl, Ottilie Henrietta
127704MrKahl, Otto RudolfKuhl
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