BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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127706MrKahl, Robert Kahl
127705MasterKahl, Theodore Heindrich
11994MasterKahts, Albertus Pieter
11995MissKahts, Aletta D
11997Kahts, babyKhatz; Katz
115239MrKahts, Benjamin
155278MissKahts, Cathrina
159725MasterKahts, Coenraad Jan
155274MrsKahts, Elsie Petronella
155279MasterKahts, Frank
155273MrKahts, Joachim Frederik
155277MasterKahts, Johannes Petrus
11996MrKahts, Johannes SKhats
116102MissKahts, Kathleen
155276MissKahts, Maria
155275MissKahts, Susanna
127772MrKaiser, Carl Heindrich
127727MrKaiser, Hendrik Willem Otto
127771MrKaiser, Johannes Carl Willem
169822MasterKalelcolopper, Jacob Johannes
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