BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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76050MissSaaiman, Aletta Agatha Catherina
96358MissSaaiman, Aletta Agatha Cathrina
96357MrsSaaiman, Aletta Agatha Cathrina
151300MissSaaiman, Aletta Gesina
30923MissSaaiman, Anna Sophia
106366MrsSaaiman, Anna Sophia
30920Saaiman, babykind van Philippus Lod Saaiman
116096MrSaaiman, Barend ASaaimon, Barend Lambertus - male
30915MissSaaiman, Barendina Hermina
151282MasterSaaiman, Bartholimew
76051MasterSaaiman, BartholomewBartholomeus
157425MasterSaaiman, Bartholomew
151284MrSaaiman, Bartholomew
91146MrsSaaiman, Catrina Elizabeth Margreta
151281MissSaaiman, Cornelia Maria
151279MrsSaaiman, Cornelia Maria
95440MrSaaiman, Daniel Benjamin
151285MrSaaiman, Daniel Cornelies
157426MissSaaiman, Dina
157424MrsSaaiman, Dina M C

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