BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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175301MrCaalles, Johannes Jacobus
55100MrsCacke, A
55103Cacke, C
55105Cacke, E
55106Cacke, J
55102Cacke, J
55104Cacke, M
55101Cacke, S
2713MasterCaggeltoffel, Gideon Michal
146345MrsCairncross, Georgena Helena Maria
2714MissCairncross, Georgina Helena Maria
146348MissCairncross, Gertrude Amelia
146347MrCairncross, James John Wessels
64151MrCairncross, John Charls
23767MasterCairncross, John G
146346MrCairncross, John George Rosia
34492MsCairncross, Petronella Hendrina
2715MasterCairncross, Pieter Hendrik
146344MrCairncross, Thomas
1834DrCaldwell, Charles William

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