BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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169058MrYeats, Ludwick Jacobus
168743MrYoesmann, C M
133038MrYorks, Fredrik Ferdinand Godliep
22094MsYorks, JohannaAndrina Johs Sophia
22093MsYorks, Johanna MCatha Joha
115003MrsYoung, Annie
115000MrsYoung, Celia
115001MissYoung, Cornelia
22092MissYoung, Emma Johanna
330Young, George
115002MrYoung, George
116378MasterYoung, Gordon
115004MrYoung, Herbert
33920MissYoung, Mary Willemina
114999MrYoung, Thomas
133046MrYsel, Adriaan Sarel
133044MissYsel, Anna Maria
133043MrsYsel, Cornelia Adriana
133037MrYsel, Daniel Phillippus
133034MrsYsel, Elsie MagdalenaYssel

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