BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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10231MasterGaarkeuken, JohannesGour Keuken
10232MasterGaarkeuken, Pietertje Zuidervliet
943MrsGabotoeloe, Bertha
942MrGabotoeloe, Jacob
941MissGabotoeloe, Susanna
35797MissGadd, Emily Haroldyne
35798MissGadd, Frances Mabel
35794MrGadd, John Edwin Wood
35795MrsGadd, Mabel Frances
35796MasterGadd, William Pohl
10233MissGagiano, Anne Magdalena
10234MasterGagiano, Eduard JohannesEdward Johannes [DBC 75]
154411MissGagiano, Johanna H
154410MrsGagiano, Johanna Hendr
89061MissGait, Addriana Johanna
89058MrGait, Cornelius Johannesdu Toit; Tait, C T
89062MissGait, Marie Magdalena
89060MissGait, Martha Margarita
89059MrsGait, Martha Margarita
64916MissGangel, Anna Sara

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