BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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80597MissFaasen, Anna Hendrina Jacobs
80598MissFaasen, Anna Maria MagdalinaFaassen
80595MrsFaasen, Daniel Cornelis
80594MrFaasen, Daniel Cornelis
80596MissFaasen, Lucia Susanna Rennie Aletta
122093MrsFaason, Maria
122094MasterFaason, Nicholas
2MissFaassen, Anna MFassen
64674MrsFaber, Anna Sophia
154096MissFaber, Chrissie
154098MasterFaber, Cornelius
74660MrFaber, Cornelius Johannes Adriaan
64676MasterFaber, Daniel Jacobus
77973MissFaber, Ellie Carolina Johanna
77972MrsFaber, Ellie Catherina
64677MasterFaber, Franzois Petrus
64702MrsFaber, Hester Johanna Elizabeth
154097MissFaber, Jacoba
64675MasterFaber, Jan AlbertJ A
4MsFaber, Magdalena Hendrika

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