BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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13463MissMaans, Anna Francina
13464MasterMaans, Jan Hendrik Lodewyk
13465MissMaarsberg, Jacomina H
45737MissMaarsburg, AnnaAnna Cath
45736MasterMaarsburg, Christian
45735MrsMaarsburg, Gesina MariaMrs Hendrick
45734MrMaarsburg, HendrickHendrik Jacobus
93465MrsMaartens, Aleda Barendina
89318MissMaartens, Anna Maria
128510MrsMaartens, Anna Wilhelmina Christina
128512MasterMaartens, Carl FerdinandCarl F
89317MissMaartens, Catrina Anna
92833MissMaartens, Catrina Anna FrancinaCatrina Anna; Martina
110124MrsMaartens, Chris MagdalMartins, C
66416MissMaartens, Christina Margeritha
93466MasterMaartens, David SchalkDavid Scalk; Martins
106088MasterMaartens, David Schalk
92835MrMaartens, David Schalk
89295MasterMaartens, David Schalk Kruger
110123MrMaartens, FrancoisFrans; Martins, F

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