BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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87148MasterLa Cauta, Johannes Stefanus
62NurseLa Feuve,
13062MasterLa Grange, Andrias JosephAndrias L
60200MasterLa Grange, Andries Martinus
60198MrsLa Grange, Andries Martinus
60808MrsLa Grange, Andries Martinus
60810MasterLa Grange, Andries Martinus
60199MasterLa Grange, Lewis Jacobus
60809MasterLa Grange, Lewis Jacobus
147426MrsLaas, Androzena JohannaAndriesena Johanna
147430MissLaas, Cornelia Gertruida
147429MissLaas, Cornelia Johanna
12824MissLaas, Ellie Catharina
150488MrLaas, Jacobus Johannes
150455MrLaas, Jacobus Stephanus
12825MasterLaas, Jan Louis Petrus
155513MasterLaas, Job Hendrik
147427MissLaas, Johanna MagdalenaJohanna Magd
140343MasterLaas, Johannes JacJoh Jacobus
140344MasterLaas, JosephJos Hend Joh

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