BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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879MrN'too, Petrus
174710MissNaarlsen, Susanna
88459MissNabel, Anna Sophiadu Toit, Anna Sofia
88456MasterNabel, Christian Rudolph Neethlingdu Toit, Christian Rudolf Neethling
88455MasterNabel, David Hermanus Petrusdu Toit; David Hermans Petrus
88454MasterNabel, Herold Johannesdu Toit, Harold Naba
88460MissNabel, Magdalena Elizabethadu Toit, Magdalena Elizabeth; Magdelena Elizabeth
88461MissNabel, Maria Johannadu Toit
43403Nagel, A
141256MasterNagel, Adrian J
14509MissNagel, Agatha CatrinaAgatha Cathrina Classina [DBC 109]
141259MissNagel, Aletta Eliz
49908MasterNagel, And JohannesJ
128985MissNagel, Anna Dorothea
141235MissNagel, Anna JacAnna
141262MissNagel, Anna M
128969MissNagel, Anna Maria
87474MissNagel, Anna Maria
49904MrsNagel, Anna SA S
99069MrsNagel, Anna Sophia

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