BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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22114MissZaaiman, Annie
51559MasterZaaiman, Bart L
51566MissZaaiman, Catarina JCatarina Jacomina
51558MrsZaaiman, Christina AZaaimon
51563MissZaaiman, Christina AZaaimon
51567MasterZaaiman, Cornelius J
51561MasterZaaiman, Edward PZaaimon
51564MissZaaiman, Elizabeth MZaaimon
22115MasterZaaiman, Isaac F G
51565MissZaaiman, Johanna AZaaimon
145171MasterZaaiman, Johannes
145172MissZaaiman, Maria
51560MissZaaiman, Susanna WZaaimon
145170MissZaaiman, Susarah Marg
51557MrZaaiman, Willem MZaaimon
51562MasterZaaiman, Willem MZaaimon
54655Zaayman, M
54656Zaayman, P
94282DrZaidles, August Adolf
94283MrsZaidles, Ernestina Wilhelmina

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