BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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120466MissUckerman, Cornelia J
120469MasterUckerman, Frederick A
120471MasterUckerman, Gerthardus
120467MasterUckerman, Hermanus C
120465MrsUckerman, Hermanus Christophel
120473MissUckerman, Johanna B
120475MasterUckerman, Johannes N
120472MasterUckerman, Martin P
120476MrsUckerman, Martin Petrus A
120468MasterUckerman, William H
120474MasterUckerman, William Hendrick
120470MrsUckerman, William Hendrick
132002MrUeckerman, Earnest Whitmill
20182MasterUeckermann, Bartea Julius
135128MasterUeckermann, Charles William
135129MissUeckermann, Dorethea Maria
135130MasterUeckermann, Edward Albert
135123MasterUeckermann, Hendrick Julius
135122MrsUeckermann, Hendrick Julius
135121MrUeckermann, Hendrick Julius

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