BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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135124MasterUeckermann, John Andries
135126MasterUeckermann, Michael Arnolds
135125MasterUeckermann, Sydney Arthur
135127MasterUeckermann, Tobias Johannes
151565MissUijs, Aletta Theusina JohannaUys, Aletta Teresina
157992MissUijs, Alida
151559MasterUijs, Andries Hendk Christian
157987MrsUijs, Angenitha MariaAngenetha Maria
151563MrsUijs, Anna JohannaUys
151547MrsUijs, Anna MaghritaUys
157990MrsUijs, Catrina Elizabeth
115279MrsUijs, CorneliaUys, Cornelia Dorothea
157989MissUijs, CorneliaUys
151588MissUijs, Cornelia Johanna
152747MissUijs, Cornelia Magrita
151589MrUijs, Cornelies Janse
151562MrUijs, Cornelies Jansen
151560MasterUijs, Cornelies Jansen
62425MrsUijs, Cornelius JanseUys, Martha Johanna L [DBC 105]; Martha Johanna Louisa [DBC 107]
62429MasterUijs, Cornelius JanseUys, Cornelius Jansen [DBC 105]
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