BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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156906MissRaadt, Alida J
156908MasterRaadt, Christian
156905MissRaadt, Christina
156907MissRaadt, Hendrina
16952MissRaadt, Jacomina E
156904MissRaadt, Margaretha
156903MrsRaadt, Maria Chris
119828MrRaaf, Jacob NRaaff
119819MissRaaff, Elizabeth M C
119817MrRaaff, Jacobus Nicholaas
119818MrsRaaff, Jacobus Nicholaas
34319MsRaal, Dina Judith Gertruda W
1141Raal, Dina Judith Gertruida
16953Raars, S
151146MrRaas, Christian David
151143MrsRaas, Elizabeth Magdalina
148043MissRaas, Elzie Hendrina Magdalena
148049MrsRaas, Elzie Hendrina MagdalenaRas, Elsie Hendrina Magd
148042MrsRaas, Elzie Hendrina Magdalena
151144MasterRaas, Franz Hendrick

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