BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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48996MasterEagar, Charles RossCharles; Eager
48994MissEagar, Ellen SusannaEllen; Eager, Ella Susanna
58192MissEagar, Florence
48998MasterEagar, Jan AlbertusJan A; Eager
58191MrEagar, Johannes HendrikJohannes H; Edgar; Eager
48995MissEagar, Magdelena ElizabethMagdelena E; Eager, Magdalena Elizabeth
48997MissEagar, Martha MariaMartha M; Eager
58190MrsEagar, Susara J
24467MsEager, Hermina Susanna
77948MasterEales, Alfred EdmundAlfred Edgar
77950Eales, baby
77941MrsEales, Catherina Johanna
77949MasterEales, Cautrio JohannesCartris
77945MasterEales, Charles Henry
77940MrEales, Charles Henry
77944MasterEales, Cornelius Frederick James
77947MasterEales, Herbert RapsonRapson
77946MasterEales, Reuben Edgar
77943MissEales, Susan Johanna Maria
77942MasterEales, William Herbert

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