BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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144239MrsValkenberg, Alida Susanna
144681MissValkenberg, Catherina MCatherina Maria
144238MrValkenberg, G . . . Francoisfirst names partly illegible
144679MrValkenberg, Gerhardus
144684MissValkenberg, JohannaJoh [illegible]
144683MasterValkenberg, Johannes HJoh Herm
144682MissValkenberg, Martina D MMaria
144680MrsValkenberg, Martina M MMartina Maria Magdalina
5522MissValkenburg, Catharina M
20234MasterValkenburg, Stanley Morgan
144194MrsVallengoed, Agatha Gertruida
20235Vallengoed, N
121333MissValstrandt, Aletta
121332MrsValstrandt, Catrina
71998Mrsvan As, KarelCarl, Emmerentia Hester
155452Mrsvan der Linde, Petronella Aletta
72542Mrsvan der Walt, Anna Catharina
83508Mrvan der Zwart, Roelof
63270Mrvan Aarde, Abram Mathys
7082van Aarde, C H

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