BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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145206MissZantgraf, AmeliaZentgraaf, Amalia
145208MasterZantgraf, Hendrik RZentgraaf
145207MissZantgraf, HesterZentgraaf
145204MrsZantgraf, Hester Eliz MariaZentgraaf, Hester Elizabeth Maria
145205MissZantgraf, MariaZentgraaf, Maria E
22123MsZastron, Hester Kathrina M
22120MissZastron, Johanna Carolina
22119MsZastron, Johanna Carolina
22122MasterZastron, Petrus Andreas S
22121MrZastron, Petrus Johannes S
22118MrZastron, Petrus Wilhelm
133442MrZautendijk, Jan Bernardus
158955MissZawetoche, Annie
158951MrsZawetoche, Annie
158952MasterZawetoche, David
158954MasterZawetoche, Fred
158953MasterZawetoche, Johannes
795Zebonge, baby
797MrsZebonge, Sara
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