BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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150682MissNagel, Anna Sus Catherina Paulina
141283Nagel, baby
14517Nagel, babyongedoopt
152306MasterNagel, Barend Hendrik Petrus
141271MissNagel, Betty MariaEliz
14510Nagel, C M
119333MasterNagel, Carel Hendrick PetrusCarl Hendrick Petrus
119332MrsNagel, Carel Hendrick PetrusCarl Hendrick Petrus
150713MasterNagel, Carl Hendrik Petrus
128964MrNagel, Carl Hendrik Petrus
96070MissNagel, Cathrina Susannah Petronella
96068MrsNagel, Cathrina Susannah Petronella
14508MrNagel, Charel Hendrik Petrus
100835Nagel, child 1
100836Nagel, child 2
128989MasterNagel, Christian Rudolf JohannesChristoffel Rudolf J [DBC 160]
150680MrsNagel, Christina Gerbrechge
135094MrNagel, Christofel Johannes
96069MasterNagel, Christoffel Gert Petrus
150681MasterNagel, Christoffel Jacobus Joh
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