BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Personal Details
Name:Dr Charles William Caldwell
Born in camp? No
Died in camp? No
Marital status:married
Camp occupation:doctor
Notes:p.132, No 95: 17/1/1900: AG Caldwell to CO: re his brother, Dr Caldwell, who was sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment with hard labour by the Boers. His brother is anti-Boer. After the declaration of war he stayed on at his practice in Krugersdorp. The Boers had no claim on him. Hearing of 'our' temporary reverses, he no doubt made up his mind to go at once and offer his services to the English. He was caught trying to leave the Transvaal, unjustly court-martialled, and sentenced. Asks if the consul in Pretoria could take steps in the matter.
P.174, 1956: No 143: 26/1/1900: CO to FO: Directed by JC to lay matter before Marquess of Salisbury; refers to previous incidents. [Answered by 4162, not printed.] [May not be same man-Transvaal database has Dr JC Caldwell.]

Medical Directory, 1900, p.1754: DS, Palapye, Rhodesia; LRCPI & LM 1875; LRCSI & LM 1897.

Medical Directory, 1903, p.1502: Overseas: (Address uncommunicated).
Unique ID:1834
Camp History
Name:Kimberley RC
Date appointed (as staff):by 5/10/1901
Name:Orange River RC
Date arrival:4/3/1902
Title:SRC 38
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:38
Dates:Feb-Mar 1902
Notes:A917, 1/3/1902, CSRC to SRC Orange River and related correspondence
Title:SRC 39
Type:Correspondence: appointments
Reference No.:39
Dates:Mar-Apr 1902
Notes:A1032, 21/3/1902: CSRC to SRC, Norvals Pont and related correspondence
Title:A 2030 Ploeger Archive
Type:Ploeger Archive
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:67
Notes:VAB: CO 43 2390/01: 12/6/1901: CSRC to Secy ORC Administration
Notes:CO 879/64/634 African (South) No 634. South Africa. Further correspondence [1 January 1900 to 31 March 1900] relating to the war with the South African Republics [Continuing African 606; continued by African 644]
Title:SRC 15
Reference No.:15
Dates:Oct-Nov 1901
Notes:RC5821, 5/10/1901: G Speechly to SMO, Norvals Pont, asking for leave

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