BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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95442MissSaaiman, Emerensie PetronellaEmerencia Petronella
106367MissSaaiman, Emerentia Petronella
96362MasterSaaiman, Gerhardus Petrus
30919MasterSaaiman, Gert Petrus
151280MissSaaiman, Gertruida Theodora
96364MrsSaaiman, Hessie
96359MissSaaiman, Hester
91147MissSaaiman, Hester Susanna
106368MasterSaaiman, Isaac Bart
76048MrsSaaiman, Isabella Maria Magdalena
319Saaiman, Izak Bartholomeus
76052MasterSaaiman, Jacobus EnricoJacobus Hendrikus
76047MrSaaiman, Jacobus Hendricus Philippus
96556MrSaaiman, Jacobus Hendrikus Philippus
30922MasterSaaiman, Jacobus Johannes A
98757MrSaaiman, Jacobus Philippus
151299MasterSaaiman, Jacobus Philippus
110487MissSaaiman, Johanna Helena
95439MrsSaaiman, Johanna Izabella
95443MissSaaiman, Johanna Izabella
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