BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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62785MissWahl, Emma SuzarahEmma Susarah
78707MrWahl, Jan GottliebGottlieb
78706MrWahl, Johann Adam
34430MrWahl, John James
78708MrWahl, Nicholaas KenneKenne
80382MrWahl, William Ferdinand
120784MrWahmeyer, Martinus JacobusWeymeyer, Martinus
120785MrsWahmeyer, Petrus Jacobus
132721MrWainer, Samuel
70225MrWainwright, Alfred Edward
154132MissWait, Cornelia
158617MissWait, Cornelia
33294MsWait, Susana Maria
84027MrWaiyer, Willem Johannes
52134Wakeford, A
52133MrWakeford, B
52135MrWakeford, P
52136MrWakeford, Scott
52132MrWakeford, Thomas
92275MissWalbeck, Catrina Frederika
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