BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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79295MrsWagenaar, Jan Jacobus
79791MrWagenaar, Jan Jacobus
79298MasterWagenaar, Jan Jacobus
79294MrWagenaar, Jan Jacobus
79792MrsWagenaar, Jan Jacobus
79793MasterWagenaar, Johannes Christoffel
79296MasterWagenaar, Johannes Christoffel
158750MasterWagenaar, Johannes Frederick'baby boy'; Wagner
158749MrsWagenaar, Rebekka AnnaWagner, Rebecca
79301MissWagenaar, Retina Johanna
79796MissWagenaar, Retina Johanna
166901MrWagenaar, Willem Hermanus
44562MrWaggenaar, J J
166239MrWaghnaar, Willem HermWagenar, Willem Hermanus [DBC 107]
51465MrWagner, J J
134949MrWagner, Johannes Jacobus
21473Wagner, M
1007MrWagner, W
158764MrWagner, Willem Franz RobertWillem Frans Robert
88822MissWahl, Emma Susarra
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