BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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65365MrJaassen, Zirk Bernhardus
92394MissJackson, Aletta JohannaJ A; Jeksen
92393MasterJackson, Andries Johannes
92390MrsJackson, Annie AlidaAnna Emma
42220MissJackson, Annie S
127312MrJackson, Antonie Daniel
11550Jackson, baby
42221MissJackson, Cecelia
42217MrsJackson, Cecelia Cornelia
58071MissJackson, Cornelia DorotheaCornelia
26288MsJackson, Dolfina GertrudaG D
154805MissJackson, Dorris
139675MrJackson, Edward Thomas
92392MissJackson, Emmerencia HendricaEmmerencia Fredrika
127317MissJackson, Florence E
127316MasterJackson, Harry
154802MasterJackson, Herbert
127315MasterJackson, Herbert J
58073MissJackson, Hester AHester
58070MrsJackson, Hester MHester
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