BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

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65278MissImmelman, Claudia
65272MissImmelman, Claudia
72612MrImmelman, Dirk
135925MissImmelman, Emily
72619MrsImmelman, Hester CarolinaBarend
65281MrImmelman, Jacobus Reinardus
135924MrsImmelman, Justus
72616MasterImmelman, Justus
65282MrImmelman, Justus Ludolf
72620MasterImmelman, Justus Rudolf
65274MsImmelman, Magdalena
65276MrsImmelman, Magdalena
72613MrsImmelman, Margaretha
65273MissImmelman, Naomi
65279MissImmelman, Naomi
11368MasterImmelman, Reuben
65271MsImmelman, Talitta
65277MsImmelman, Talitta
74951Ingram, baby
74943MrsIngram, Cornelia Susanna Johanna
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