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Personal Details
Name:Mr Stephanus Petrus Naude
Other Names:Stefanus Petrus
Born in camp? No
Age died:
Died in camp? No
Marital status:single

After Grootvlei Thomas found himself in a camp hospital for treatment of his wounds. He became firm friends
with one Stephanus Petrus Naude, a captured Boer soldier who was being treated in the next bed for enteric
fever and wounds. Thomas promised Stephan Naude that he would name his first born child after him. That is
how my late auntie Stephanie Naude Kermode got her given names. ²
And here is a further proof of the regard that had developed between the two protagonists.
Stephan Naude wrote a note in Afrikaans at the time and (though it has never been translated) it is believed to
be addressed to any would be Boer capturers of Thomas and asks them to treat Thomas kindly as Stephan
regards him as his friend. This is a touching personal glimpse that goes beyond the harsh impartiality of war.
Thomas's reminiscencing of this happening goes as follows and puts it better than I can, in his usual concise
and characteristic language -
"Stephanus Petrus Naude I believe did not fall in with us post war. This field cornet was shot in an episode at
Groot Vlei concerning myself. We parked for some weeks together both wounded roughly enough. We
became great friends. He escaped eventually from Bloemfontein hospital and rejoined his Commando, Myers
Commando, Bethlehem District, Orange Free State. He gave me a letter of introduction to all Boer forces if I
should hap to fall prisoner in their hands. I was thankful not to obtain their hospitality by way of being a
prisoner. I’d done too much damage to think it was a call of the heart. But I did believe it was alright to
consider his offer to stay with him at his home at Potchefstrom after the war was finished. It did not come to
pass. But I named my eldest daughter after him in memory of a nice fellow foeman. We corresponded with
each other during the progress of the war. His letter to me came through the army post – mine were given to
any Dutchwoman about. That letter by their method reached Naude in the foeman’s territory. The Lord knows
how but the letters never got lost. A condition today that would land a soldier as a traitor. Yet it will show that
there was no malice on either side. And it was so. I did not see or attempted anything but was the outcome of
war between good opponents." About forty years later Thomas Kermode wrote a letter to General Smuts, Prime
Minister of South African Republic, seeking to get in touch with his old friend. But alas, Stephan Naude had died
in the interim.
Thomas and Stephanus Petrus Naude
From Plewman’s to Marabastad,
From Ookiep to De Aar,
Me an’ my trusty friend ’ave ’ad,
As you might say, a war;
- from a Kipling poem
Here is a (worse for wear) copy of the letter of
introduction that Stephan Naude wrote and gave to
Thomas Kermode, dated (I think) 10 August 1901. It is
written in Afrikaans and needs to be translated. ¹
Two letters from South Africa survive concerning this, one from General Smuts' private secretary and one from
a Louis Siselen who had been on General Botha's staff during the Boer War.
¹ The date is significant (a little over a week after the Grootvlei encounter/battle) and adds authenticity (if any were needed) to the note.
² Thomas's second daughter Corinne Lisle Kermode's middle name was given to acknowledge his Boer War commander de Lisle.
General Smuts' letter
General (later, Prime Minister) Jan Smuts
For readability, here is a typed version of Gen Smuts' letter to Thomas K:
Prime Minister's Office
at Cape Town,
20th January, 1942.
Dear Mr. Kermode,
G e n e r a l Smuts directs me to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter and to say that he greatly appreciates your very interesting and kind
observations. He has now had enquiries made as regards your old foeman Stephanus Petrus Naude and has had the following letter from Col. I.
Meyer, an old Boer War comrade of Naude's:-
"In reply to your letter of the 22nd December, 1941 I have to inform you that Stephanus Petrus Naude unfortunately died in this district a few years
ago as a result of Miners' Phthisis which he contracted on the Witwatersrand Gold Mines . What Mr. Kermode says about him is perfectly true . For a
considerable portion of the Anglo-Boer War Mr. Naude and I were comrades-in-arms and also very great friends and during all my experiences I have
never yet come across a more brave and fearless person. He was surely a hero amongst the heroes of the Anglo-Boer War and was seriously
wounded on several occasions. Any farther in-formation which may be required about him, I will furnish with the greatest of pleasure.
Yours sincerely, (Sgd.) I . Meyer.
(Col. Reserve of Officers.) "
2. / .
- 2 -
General Smuts wishes me to add that he is sorry to hear of Mr. Naude's death before you were able to contact him.
With the General's best wishes
Yours f a i t h f u l l y ,
W. ?T. Juibert
Thomas Kermode, E s q . ,
9 Grenfell Street,
K e n t Town,
p1 of General Smuts' reply to Thomas
K's enquiry re Naude
p2 of Gen Smuts' reply

Unique ID:70969
Camp History
Name:Balmoral RC
Age arrival:38
Age arrival:28
Date arrival:02/12/1902
Date arrival:12/2/1902
Date departure:25/02/1902
Reason departure:transferred
Destination:Middelburg RC
Tent number:1041
Notes:RT 1041
Discharged from National Scouts 31 January.
Name:Barberton RC
Age arrival:28
Date arrival:01/07/1901
Date departure:18/10/1901
Reason departure:Joined National Scouts
Tent number:T 291
Name:Middelburg RC
Age arrival:28
Date arrival:20/03/1901
Date departure:29/06/1901
Reason departure:transferred
Destination:Barberton RC
Tent number:I
Name:Middelburg RC
Age arrival:28
Date arrival:26/02/1902
Date departure:05/05/1902
Reason departure:Joined intelligence service
Tent number:2009/ Block A
Farm History
Name:Que queen
Name:Naude family
Mr Stephanus Petrus Naude (Stefanus Petrus)
      is the son of Mr Willem Johannes Naude
Title:DBC 47 Balmoral CR
Type:Camp register
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:DBC 47
Title:DBC 46 Balmoral CR
Type:Index camp register
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:DBC 46
Notes:N 11
Title:DBC 54 Barberton CR
Type:Camp register
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:DBC 54
Title:DBC 83 Middelburg CR
Type:Camp register
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:DBC 83
Notes:p. 25
Title:DBC 84 Middelburg CR
Type:Camp register
Location:National Archives, Pretoria
Reference No.:DBC 84
Notes:p. 285

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