BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 46 Balmoral CR (3820)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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62882MrsAdank, Alexander Emil LeopoldAlexander Emile Leopold
62885MissAdank, Emma Augusta
62886MasterAdank, Herman Richard
62883MissAdank, Judith Johanna
62884MissAdank, Margret Johanna
62887MrsAlberts, Cornelius IgnatiusElizabeth Johanna
62899MrAlberts, Cornelius Ignatius
62888MissAlberts, Susarah Aletta Dorothea
59742MissAnderson, Maria
59540MasterBadenhorst, Alwyn Peters
59250MissBadenhorst, Anna Ellena Elizabetha
80979MissBadenhorst, Anna JohannaAnna Alida
59539MissBadenhorst, Anna Maria Aletta
59536MrsBadenhorst, Barend Johannes
59201MrBadenhorst, Barend Johannes
59203MasterBadenhorst, Benjamin Johannes
59248MrsBadenhorst, Bernardus Johannes
80978MissBadenhorst, Catharina WilhelminaKatrina Wilhelmina; Catrina Wilmena
59510MissBadenhorst, Christina Gertruida Johanna
59057MrsBadenhorst, Dahelena SusarrahMrs Bernardus Johannes

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