BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 46 Balmoral CR (3820)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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59538MasterBadenhorst, Daniel Petrus
80977MissBadenhorst, Elizabeth GertrudaElizabetha Gertruida; Elizabeth Gertrude
80975MrsBadenhorst, Elizabeth GertrudeMrs Jacobus Petrus
59202MrBadenhorst, Frederick Cornelius
59249MissBadenhorst, Hester Agnes
80980MissBadenhorst, Jacoba Johanna
59509MissBadenhorst, Janetta Maria
59508MrsBadenhorst, Janetta Maria Mrs Christian Gerhardus Johannes
62405MissBadenhorst, Janetta Maria
59241MrsBadenhorst, Lourens Petrus Johannes
59243MasterBadenhorst, Lourens Petrus Johannes
59537MasterBadenhorst, Petrus Jacobus
80938MrsBadenhorst, Phillipus KarelPhillip Karel
59242MasterBadenhorst, Reinardus Johannes
85883MrsBarnard, Arrie ZachariasAnnie Zachrias
59472Barnard, baby
59429MrsBauling, Christian
59432MasterBauling, Christian
59435MasterBauling, Friederick
59433MissBauling, GertrudeGertrud
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