BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Middelburg RC Tent: I (1458)

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80197MrAbramowitz, Isaac
80647MrsAdendorff, Bregge CatrinaMrs Hermanus Johannes; Breggie Catrina
80648MasterAdendorff, Daniel Jacobus
80650MasterAdendorff, Ignatius MachielIgnatius Michael
80649MasterAdendorff, Johan GysbertJohann Gysbert; Johan Gisbert
80531MsAhlers, Agatha
80535MissAhlers, Anna
80532MissAhlers, Dorothea Magaretha
80533MissAhlers, Elizabeth
80529MrAhlers, Gert Hendrik
80530MrsAhlers, Gert Hendrik
80534MissAhlers, Tryntje
80317MrAlberts, Andries Josefus
80645MrAnderson, Johannes Daniel
80646MrsAnderson, Johannes Daniel
83905MasterAndrews, Willie
85700MasterAustin, Jan ThomasJohannes Thomas
81032MrBadenhorst, Frans Hendrik
81031MrBadenhorst, Frans Lodewyk
80938MrsBadenhorst, Phillipus KarelPhillip Karel

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