BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 84 Middelburg CR (3596)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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78920MasterAckerman, Daniel Petrus
85711MrAdendorff, Petrus Johannes
85712MrsAdendorff, Petrus Johannes
85702MissAustin, ElizabethElizabeth Johanna
85709MrsAustin, Hermina Christina MariaMrs Matthys Gerhardus
85704MrsAustin, Hermina Christina Maria Mrs Marthinus Johannes
85700MasterAustin, Jan ThomasJohannes Thomas
85707MissAustin, Johanna Cornelia
85699MrsAustin, Maria Martina Mrs Willem Hendrik
85703MrAustin, Marthinus JohannesMartinus Johs
85708MrAustin, Matthys Gerhardus
85706MasterAustin, Samuel Jacobus
85701MasterAustin, Walter GeorgeWalter Georg
85705MasterAustin, Willem Hendrik
85698MrAustin, Willem Hendrik
85710MasterAustin, Willem Hendrik
87928MrBadenhorst, Andries Herkulaas
87884MissBadenhorst, Anna Susanna
78789MasterBadenhorst, Barend Hendrik
78788MissBadenhorst, Christina Magdalena

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