BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Informants (299)

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94785MrAaronson, Simon
44715MrsBezuidenhout, Annah MAnna Margaretha Sophia
44717Bezuidenhout, baby
87830MrBezuidenhout, Barend Jacobus
77084MasterBezuidenhout, Eliza Gert NelBezuidenhout
77100MrsBezuidenhout, Gert Peter JohannesHeiltje Aletta Jacoba
44714MrBezuidenhout, SStephanus Jacobus
42077MissBlignaut, AnnaAnna Leonore
94105MissBlignaut, Betty PetronellaElizabeth Petronella
123949MasterBoje, Lukas Theunis Johannes
34902MasterBotha, Frederick John HendrikFrederik Jan Hendrik
34898MrsBotha, Maria Magdalena Elizabeth
34899MissBotha, Susana Jacoba HendrinaSusanna Jacoba Hendrika
23454MissBriel, Anna HendrinaAnna Hendrina
4445MissBrockett, Ethel SBrochett
4471MrsBronkhorst, Cornelia Isabella
34754MrsBrummer, Jacoba Johanna
50406MrBuitendag, TheunisBuidendach, G C
137749MasterBuizenhout, Adrian EAdrian Erasmus Bezuidenhout

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