BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Informants (299)

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137748MissBuizenhout, Anna CAnna Christina Bezuidenhout
137746MrsBuizenhout, Anna DorethaBezuidenhout
137750MasterBuizenhout, Jan L SBezuidenhout, Jan L J; Jan Louis Bezuidenhout
137747MasterBuizenhout, Jermiah SJeremia Jesaia Bezuidenhout
4992MissCoetzee, Agatha GKotze, Agatha Gertruida
64038MrsCoetzee, Anna Christina
133204MasterCronje, Jacobus JohannesJohannes Jacobus
5436Crowther, Job FrederikRob Frederik
149829MasterDavel, Lombard RudolphLambert Rud; Lambert Rudolf [informant]
39117Missde Beer, Nicholas SusannaNicholas Suina; Nicolas Susanna
166871Missde Bruin, Elizabeth Catriena JohannaElizabeth Catharina Johanna
38272Mrsde Bruin, Elsie JohannaMrs Theunis Daniel
104811de Bruin, F J; Frederik Johannes [Informant]
23623Masterde Bruin, Hendrik Johannes
86105Mrsde Clercq, Anna AlbertinaMrs Jacob; de Clerq
112022Mrsde Clercq, Catharina Maria Johannade Clerq, Catrina Maria
80147Mrsde Clercq, Christina Lourencina
113900Mrsde Clercq, Emma Maria Georgina
86116Mrsde Clercq, Hester AgnesMrs Jacob
84690Mrsde Clercq, Johanna Hendrina WMrs Abram Johannes
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