BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Balhoek / Bulhoek
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mrs Anna Christina de Beer Unique ID: 137186
  2. Master 'native boy' Erasmus Unique ID: 175957
  3. Miss Anna Erasmus Unique ID: 138468
  4. Mr Carl Gustavus Erasmus Unique ID: 175860
  5. Mrs Clara Isabella Erasmus Unique ID: 138483
  6. Master Frity Erasmus (Simion) Unique ID: 138465
  7. Miss Gesina A N Erasmus (Gesina Adriana) Unique ID: 138484
  8. Master Gustave Erasmus (Gustavus) Unique ID: 138462
  9. Mrs Johanna Erasmus Unique ID: 138460
  10. Miss Johanna Erasmus Unique ID: 138467
  11. Miss Johanna Erasmus (J M D ) Unique ID: 138461
  12. Mr Johannes M Erasmus Unique ID: 175861
  13. Mr Louren Johannes Erasmus Unique ID: 175956
  14. Master Lourens Joh Erasmus (Laurance Johns) Unique ID: 138486
  15. Miss Magrieta Sop Erasmus (Magrita Sophia) Unique ID: 138485
  16. Miss Martina Erasmus Unique ID: 138463
  17. Master Peter Erasmus (Pieter) Unique ID: 138466
  18. Miss Susurah Erasmus (Susara) Unique ID: 138464
  19. Miss Anna C J Harmse Unique ID: 139338
  20. Mrs Anna Haletta John Harmse Unique ID: 139337
  21. Master Bartholomeus Harmse Unique ID: 139340
  22. Master David P J Harmse Unique ID: 139339
  23. Miss Dina A Harmse Unique ID: 139341
  24. Master Sammuel Harmse Unique ID: 139342
  25. Miss Elsie Minnaar Unique ID: 140732
  26. Mrs Wila Minnaar Unique ID: 140731

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