BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Johanna Cornelia Grobler (Grobbler, J) Unique ID: 50698
  2. Master Johannes Grobler (Grobbler, J) Unique ID: 50699
  3. Mrs Maria Eliz Grobler (Grobbler, M) Unique ID: 50697
  4. Mr Nicolas Johannes Grobler (Grobbler, N) Unique ID: 50696
  5. Master Nicolas Johannes Grobler (Grobbler, N) Unique ID: 50702
  6. Master Ockert Cooper Grobler (Grobbler, O) Unique ID: 50701
  7. Miss Susanna Grobler (Grobbler, S) Unique ID: 50700
  8. Mrs A M Otto Unique ID: 105012
  9. Mrs Aletta Margaretha Otto Unique ID: 99000
  10. Miss Anna Elizabeth Otto Unique ID: 50875
  11. Miss Anna Hend Eliz Otto (A) Unique ID: 50793
  12. Miss Anna Hendrica Otto (A) Unique ID: 50762
  13. Miss baby Otto (meisje) Unique ID: 99001
  14. Master Christophel Otto (Christoffel) Unique ID: 50872
  15. Miss Cornelia Dorothea Otto Unique ID: 50874
  16. Miss Dorothea Otto (D) Unique ID: 50763
  17. Miss Ella Marg Cor Otto (E) Unique ID: 50792
  18. Mrs Ella Marg Sus Otto (E C M) Unique ID: 50790
  19. Miss Elsie Magreta Otto (M) Unique ID: 50760
  20. Miss Hester Jacoba Otto (H) Unique ID: 50759
  21. Miss Hester Pet Jac Otto (H) Unique ID: 50791
  22. Master Johan Frederick Otto (Jan Frederik) Unique ID: 50870
  23. Master Johan Frederik Otto (F) Unique ID: 50761
  24. Miss Johanna Magdalena Otto Unique ID: 50871
  25. Miss Johanna Willemina Otto (Johanna W J) Unique ID: 50873
  26. Mrs Johanna Willemina Otto (Johanna W) Unique ID: 50869
  27. Master Johannes E Otto (J) Unique ID: 50794
  28. Mr Johannes Jacobus Lodewikus Otto Unique ID: 97965
  29. Miss Maria Magreta Otto (M) Unique ID: 50758
  30. Mrs Maria Magreta Otto (M M) Unique ID: 50757
  31. Miss Martha Aletta Otto Unique ID: 29382
  32. Master Ignatius Viljoen (Viljeon) Unique ID: 110204
  33. Mrs Anna Hend Wolfaart (Wolvehaut, A H E) Unique ID: 50734
  34. Miss Anna Sus Wolfaart (Wolvehaut, A S) Unique ID: 50735
  35. Miss Hester Jac Wolfaart (Wolvehaut, H P) Unique ID: 50737
  36. Master Jan Frederik Wolfaart (Wolvehaut. J F) Unique ID: 50736

Acknowledgments: The project was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is not responsible for the contents of the database. The help of the following research assistants is gratefully acknowledged: Ryna Boshoff, Murray Gorman, Janie Grobler, Marelize Grobler, Luke Humby, Clare O’Reilly Jacomina Roose, Elsa Strydom, Mary van Blerk. Thanks also go to Peter Dennis for the design of the original database and to Dr Iain Smith, co-grantholder.