BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Deelfontein / Dulfontein
Size:700 morgen
Persons on Farm
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  1. Mr Jan Frederik Fourie Unique ID: 25112
  2. Mrs Anna Eliz Carla le Roux Unique ID: 99684
  3. child 1 le Roux Unique ID: 99685
  4. child 2 le Roux Unique ID: 99686
  5. child 3 le Roux Unique ID: 99687
  6. child 4 le Roux Unique ID: 99688
  7. child 5 le Roux Unique ID: 99689
  8. Mrs Aletta A Steyn Unique ID: 48868
  9. Miss Catrina Frederica Steyn (Cathrina; Catrina Fredrica) Unique ID: 31714
  10. Master Hermanus Steyn Unique ID: 48862
  11. Miss Hester Aletta W Steyn Unique ID: 31712
  12. Mr Izaak Nicolaas Steyn (Izak N) Unique ID: 48860
  13. Master Jacobus J Steyn (Jacobus) Unique ID: 48866
  14. Master Jan A Steyn (John) Unique ID: 48865
  15. Mrs Johanna H Steyn Unique ID: 48861
  16. Mr Johannes J Steyn Unique ID: 48867
  17. Mr Johannes J Steyn Unique ID: 48869
  18. Mrs Levina G Steyn (Stefina Gertr) Unique ID: 48864
  19. Miss Magriet M Steyn Unique ID: 48863
  20. Miss Annie Vermaak Unique ID: 99977
  21. Miss Ellie Vermaak Unique ID: 99976
  22. Mrs Ellie Johanna Vermaak Unique ID: 99975
  23. Miss Johanna Susanna Vermaak Unique ID: 99979
  24. Master Louie Vermaak Unique ID: 99978
  25. Miss Anna Catha Zietsman Unique ID: 103047

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