BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Vaaldraai / Valdraai / Vaaldrie

Farm 22 miles N by W of Frankfort; Owner: Grobelar and Gilliome; on commando [Source: Cd 524, p.8]

Persons on Farm
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  1. Miss Annie Groblaar Unique ID: 122542
  2. Master Dirk Groblaar Unique ID: 122543
  3. Master Gert Groblaar Unique ID: 122545
  4. Miss Hester Groblaar Unique ID: 122541
  5. Master Martinus Groblaar Unique ID: 122546
  6. Master Piet Groblaar Unique ID: 122544
  7. Mrs Susana Groblaar Unique ID: 122540
  8. Master Barend Martinus Lottering ( Barend Martibus; Barend Doris, Barend Mattias) Unique ID: 118898
  9. Master Jan Lottering (Jan H) Unique ID: 118900
  10. Master Johannes George Lottering Unique ID: 118899
  11. Mrs Johannes George Lottering Unique ID: 118897
  12. Miss Susanna Lourens Unique ID: 122547
  13. Mrs Aletta Prinsloo Unique ID: 122448
  14. Miss Aletta Prinsloo Unique ID: 122449
  15. Miss Anna Prinsloo (Anna Sophia) Unique ID: 123474
  16. Mrs Barendina Prinsloo (Barendina Dolphina) Unique ID: 123473
  17. Miss Bettie Prinsloo Unique ID: 122456
  18. Master Christoffel Prinsloo Unique ID: 122455
  19. Miss Gezina Prinsloo Unique ID: 122453
  20. Miss Hendricka Prinsloo Unique ID: 122457
  21. Mrs Jacobus Martinus Schalk Prinsloo Unique ID: 119621
  22. Miss Johanna Prinsloo Unique ID: 122451
  23. Miss Petrus Prinsloo Unique ID: 122454
  24. Miss Sachria Prinsloo Unique ID: 122452
  25. Miss Sophia Prinsloo Unique ID: 122450
  26. Miss Sophia Anna Prinsloo Unique ID: 119622

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