BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 98 Standerton CR (2322)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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149013MasterAdendorff, Christiaan MichaelChristian Michael
149011MrsAdendorff, Maria Magdalena
149014MasterAdendorff, Willem Dixon
151767MrAtkinson, Charles
149265MasterBaasden, Barend Jacobus
149262MissBaasden, Gertbrecht MariaGerbrecht Maria
149259MrsBaasden, Gertbrecht MariaGerbrecht Maria
149261MissBaasden, Hendrika Petr WilhelminaAndrika Petronella Wilhelm
149260MissBaasden, Jacoba Petronella
149267MasterBaasden, Jan Wilhelmus
149263MasterBaasden, Johannes Lodewykus
149258MrBaasden, Johannes Martinus
149264MasterBaasden, Johannes MartinusJohannes Marthinus
151863MasterBaasden, Johannes Willem
151774MasterBadenhorst, Christian JacobusChristaan Jacobus
152646MissBadenhorst, Cornelia Magh
151773MasterBadenhorst, DirkDirk Johannes Petrus
149180MrsBadenhorst, Gertruida Anna SusannaGertruida Anna Susana
149183MrsBadenhorst, Jacoba Isabella
149184MissBadenhorst, Maghrita ChristinaMaghrita Christian

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