BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 98 Standerton CR (2322)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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149242MrsBadenhorst, Martha Joh Sus MariaMartha Johanna Susanna Maria
149181MissBadenhorst, Martha Maria SusannaMartha Maria Susana
149243MasterBadenhorst, MathiusMativus Gerhardus; Matheus Johannes; Mattheus G [DBC 105]; Martinus Gerh [DBC 107]
149041MissBailey, Francina SusannaBaily
149038MrsBailey, Francina SusannaBaily, Francina Susana
149039MissBailey, Jacoba JohannaBaily, Johanna Jacoba
146148MrBailey, Robert JohnBaily
149040MissBailey, Susanna PetronellaBaily, Susana Peternella
145923MissBasson, Dorothea Johanna JacobaDorothea Joh Jac
145919MrsBasson, Dorothea Johanna JacobaDorothea Joh Jac
145921MissBasson, Esther MariaHester Maria
145924MasterBasson, Fredrika GerhardusFrederik Gerhardus
145922MasterBasson, Jan GeorgeJohan George
145918MrBasson, Nicholaas Johannes SalmanNicholaas Joh Sal
145920MasterBasson, Nicholaas Johannes SalmonNicholas Joh Sal
149169MrsBecker, Jeanetta AbigailBekker, Janetta Aletta
149168MrBecker, Johannes StephanusBekker, Johannes Stefanus
151833MasterBekker, Jan Johannes
149236MrsBernhardt, Cornelia Adriana
149239MissBernhardt, Dinah SusannaDiana susanna
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