BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 79 Krugersdorp RC (8220)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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137832MissAckerman, DinnaDina; Dinah C; Mag Carolina
137833MasterAckerman, FransFrans J; Frans Jacobus
137831MrsAckerman, MagdalenaMagdalena Maria
137822MissAkerman, Geertruida A MAckermann; Ackerman, Z A M; Gertruida Anna Magdalena
137819MrsAkerman, Gertruida Anna MagdalenaAckerman, Gertruida Anna Mag
137821MissAkerman, Magdalena MAckerman, Mag. Maria
137820MissAkerman, Marijna MAckerman, Maryna Adriana
123997MrsAlberts, Agatha GetruidaAgatha Gertruid
137873MissAlberts, Anna Joh Breedt
137871MrsAlberts, Anna Johanna
137872MissAlberts, Anna Johanna
123992MrsAlberts, CorneliaCornelia Johanna Sus
137850MasterAlberts, Fred JacFred Sus
137848MasterAlberts, Gert Joh
137844MrsAlberts, Gertruida Johanna
137847MasterAlberts, Giedion
137849MasterAlberts, Hend A C
137836MrAlberts, Hendrik AbrahamHendrik Abram
137862MissAlberts, Hester M
137860MrsAlberts, Hester Maria

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