BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 79 Krugersdorp RC (8220)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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123998MissAlberts, Hester SusannaHester S
137861MasterAlberts, Lewis
137851MissAlberts, Maria Louisesecond name illegible
137846MasterAlberts, Nico Frans
137874MissAlberts, Sara
137845MissAlberts, Susanna E
137854MrAlexander, Alec
137853MissAlexander, Jacomina JacobaJac Jacoba
137852MrsAlexander, Jacomina JacobaI Jacoba
137878MrAlgren, Cornelius
137859MasterAnderson, Hans Christiaan Andersen
137857MrsAnderson, Maria Charlotta
137856MrAnderson, Peter
137858MasterAnderson, Peter L HPieter Lucas Hendrik
137825MasterAppelgrijn, Andries CornAndries; Appelgrin, Andries Cornelius
137823MrsAppelgrijn, Jeanette ChristinaAppelgryn, Apelgreyn; Applegrin, Aletta Christina j
137826MasterAppelgrijn, Josephus JohJeseves; Appelgrin, Josephus Johannes
137827MasterAppelgrijn, Rudolf JacRudolphus; Appelgrin, Rudolph Jacobus
137824MissAppelgrijn, Wilhelmina Johanna GWilmina; Appelgrin
137870MrArlow, Jacobus DanielArlois
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