BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in RS 32 Final list (401)

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2080Ackerman, M P A, child of
2083Ackerman, M P A, child of
2088Ackerman, Magdalena
2094MasterAckerman, Merten Petrus AlbertusAckermann
2095MasterAckerman, Petrus JacobusAckermann
2096MasterAckerman, Pieter Hendrik
2098MasterAckerman, Tjaart Petrus
2101MasterAckerman, Willem Hendrik
2106Acton, Hope Emby
37957MissAdendorf, Louisa Danielina StoffelinaAdendorff
2110MasterAdendorff, Louis Rouverie
2117Ahlers, A M
2118Ahlers, G M, child of
2119Ahlers, G M, child of
2121MasterAhlers, JacobusAlders
2120MissAhlers, Tryntje
137822MissAkerman, Geertruida A MAckermann; Ackerman, Z A M; Gertruida Anna Magdalena
137820MissAkerman, Marijna MAckerman, Maryna Adriana
2125MasterAkkerman, Jacobus JohannesAckermann
2126Albasini, Gertina P M
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