BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Schoongezicht / Scoongezicht / Schoonuitzicht

Second spelling is given in DBC 111

Persons on Farm
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  1. Master Johannes Hendrik Nicolaas de Beer (Johannes Hendrik; Johannes Hendrik Nikolas) Unique ID: 59123
  2. Master Abraham Johannes Greyling Unique ID: 86422
  3. Mrs Abraham Kriel Greyling (Abraham Karel) Unique ID: 60073
  4. Master Abram Karel Greyling (Abraham Carol; Abraham Karel) Unique ID: 86421
  5. Miss Anna Petronella Greyling Unique ID: 60074
  6. Master Barend Frederik Greyling (Bernard Frederick; Barend Frederick) Unique ID: 86423
  7. Mrs Barend Frederik Greyling (Carlolina Susara - possibly; Mrs Barend Frederick) Unique ID: 86420
  8. Miss Carlolina Susara Greyling Unique ID: 170383
  9. Miss Cecelia Greyling Unique ID: 170331
  10. Miss Cornella Greyling Unique ID: 170330
  11. Miss Danielina Susarra Greyling (Danielina Susanah; Carlolina Susara; Danielina Susannah) Unique ID: 86424
  12. Miss Hester Sophia Greyling Unique ID: 60077
  13. Miss Maria Greyling Unique ID: 170329
  14. Miss Maria Aletta Greyling Unique ID: 60076
  15. Mrs Maria R Greyling (Mrs Pieter Jacobus) Unique ID: 60075
  16. Miss Petronella Margretha Greyling Unique ID: 60079
  17. Master Pieter Jacobus Greyling Unique ID: 60078
  18. Mrs Susana Elizabeth Greyling Unique ID: 170327
  19. Miss Susana Elizabeth Greyling Unique ID: 170328
  20. Ms Marta Jacoba Johanna Gryling Unique ID: 10459
  21. Mrs Catharina Elizabeth le Grange Unique ID: 87063
  22. Miss Hester Katrina Prinsloo (Hester Catrina) Unique ID: 62676
  23. Mrs Adrian Pieter Roelofse Unique ID: 88016
  24. Miss Catharina Elizabeth Roelofse Unique ID: 88019
  25. Master Johannes Jacobus Roelofse Unique ID: 88017
  26. Master Johannes Petrus Roelofse (aunt: Hester Viljoen) Unique ID: 88018
  27. Miss Catharina Elizabeth van der Merwe (Catrina Elizabeth) Unique ID: 80106
  28. Mrs Elizabeth Helena van der Merwe (Mrs Hendrik Frederik) Unique ID: 80100
  29. Miss Elizabeth Magdalena van der Merwe (Elizabeth Helena) Unique ID: 80108
  30. Mr Hendrik Frederik van der Merwe Unique ID: 80099
  31. Master Hendrik Frederik van der Merwe (Hendrick Frederick) Unique ID: 80104
  32. Miss Jacoba Dorothea van der Merwe Unique ID: 80107
  33. Master Jacobus Johannes van der Merwe Unique ID: 80101
  34. Master Schalk Willem van der Merwe (Skalk Willem) Unique ID: 80102
  35. Miss Sophia Charlotte van der Merwe (Sophia Charlotta) Unique ID: 80105
  36. Master Wessel Wessels van der Merwe Unique ID: 80103
  37. Mrs Hester Sophia van der Westhuizen (Westhuizen, Mrs Johannes Mathys; Johannes Mathias) Unique ID: 62675
  38. Mr Salmon Cornelis Johannes Vermaak Unique ID: 88729
  39. Master Andries Hendrik Visagie Unique ID: 62504
  40. Mr Arrie Zacharias Visagie (Arie Zackarius) Unique ID: 83664
  41. Miss Ellie Magdalena Visagie Unique ID: 62497
  42. Master Gert Willem Visagie Unique ID: 62500
  43. Master Jan Paul Visagie Unique ID: 62505
  44. Mrs Johannes Hendrik Visagie Unique ID: 62502
  45. Mr Johannes Hendrik Visagie Unique ID: 63146
  46. Master Johannes Hendrik Nic Visagie (Johannes Hendrik Nicholaas) Unique ID: 62503
  47. Mrs Johannes Nicholaas Hendrik Visagie Unique ID: 62496
  48. Mr Johannes Nicolaas Hendrik Visagie (Johannes H Nicolaas) Unique ID: 62660
  49. Miss Magdalena Louisa Visagie Unique ID: 62499
  50. Miss Wilhelmina Christina Visagie Unique ID: 62498

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