BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Farm Details
Name:Stilfontein / Stelfontein
Persons on Farm
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  1. Ms Aletta Martha Benade Unique ID: 3072
  2. Master Gert Pieter Brits Unique ID: 4353
  3. Miss Jacoba Wilhelmina Brits Unique ID: 2402
  4. Mrs Neletze Maria Britz (Neletzi Maria; Brits, Heletje Maria [DBC 76]) Unique ID: 63783
  5. Master Okker Cornelius Britz (Brits, Ockert C [DBC 76]) Unique ID: 63784
  6. Mr Salomon Ignatius Britz (Brits, Solomon Ignatius) Unique ID: 63782
  7. Mr Dirk Phillipus Delpoort Unique ID: 153808
  8. Miss Aletta Delport Unique ID: 153752
  9. Miss Anna Delport Unique ID: 153751
  10. Mrs Anna Christina Delport Unique ID: 153750
  11. baby Delport Unique ID: 153755
  12. Mr Diederik Phillippus Delport Unique ID: 153749
  13. Mr Diedrick Phillipus Delport Unique ID: 133250
  14. Miss Elizabeth Delport Unique ID: 153754
  15. Miss Martha Delport Unique ID: 153753
  16. Mr Johannes Holtzhauzen (Holsthuizen, Johannes Andries; Holtzhausen ) Unique ID: 46156
  17. Mrs Catharina Maria Landman Unique ID: 155675
  18. Miss Catharina Maria Landman Unique ID: 12920
  19. Mr Samuel Kerr Landman Unique ID: 133249
  20. Susanna Johanna Landman Unique ID: 46230
  21. Mr Daniel Christian Muller Unique ID: 160031
  22. Miss Catherina Potgieter (Catharina Maria) Unique ID: 135306
  23. Miss Hendrina Catharina Potgieter Unique ID: 16187
  24. Master Hermanus Lambertus Potgieter Unique ID: 16188
  25. Mrs Johanna Christina Potgieter Unique ID: 16189
  26. Mr Pietrus Cornelius Johannes Potgieter Unique ID: 133248
  27. Mrs Wilhelmina Johanna Potgieter Unique ID: 156857
  28. G Wessels Unique ID: 153756

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