BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 107 Volksrust camp register (5387)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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160820MrAbree , Johannes Jacobus
160822MissAbree, Martha Johanna Susanh
160823MasterAbree, Petrus Lucas DanielPetrus Lucas Johns [DBC 107]
160821MrsAbree, Wilhelmina Cath
145871MasterAckerman, Gerhardus ChristianGert Christian [DBC 107]
160826MrAckerman, Johannes Jacobus
145872MissAckerman, Magdalena Cornelia
145869MrsAckerman, Magdalena Cornelis AlettaMagdalena C A [DBC 107]
160833MrAckerman, William Coenrad
166265MrAckerman, William Johans
166266MrAckermann, Adrian Christ
160809MrAckermann, J J
160828MrAdendorff, Christian Machiel
160810MrAdendorff, Machel J
160829MrAdler, Ernest Roedolph
160795MasterAkkerman, Adrian CAckermann, Adrian Christ [DBC 107]
160797MissAkkerman, DinaAckermann, Dinah Maria [DBC 107]
160793MasterAkkerman, Dirk HAckermann, Dirk Hendrik [DBC 107]
160792MrsAkkerman, Hester WAckermann, Hester Wilhelmina [DBC 107]
160794MasterAkkerman, Nicholas JAckermann, Nicolaas Jacs [DBC 107]

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