BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 107 Volksrust camp register (5387)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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160796MasterAkkerman, Renier CAckermann, Renier Christn [DBC 107]
160814MasterAnderson, Abraham Joh
160806MrsAnderson, Christina
160813MasterAnderson, EddieEdward [DBC 107]
160816MrsAnema, Magritha CMarg Cath [DBC 107]
160817MissAnema, Tjetski ClaudiaTjietstke [DBC 107]
160827MissAppelgrein, Catharina
160807MrArnoldi, Fritz
160804MrArnoldi, Johannes Barnard
160830MrAulften, Carl HendrikAhlften, Carel H T [DBC 107]
160831MrAulften, Julius W LAhlften [DBC 107]
160832MissAulften, Wilhelmina SophiaAhlften [DBC 107]
160964MissBack, Emily GEmelie Georgina [DBC 107]
160961MrBack, George L OGeorge Livingstone [DBC 107]
160965MissBack, Ivy MIvey Mavourne [DBC 107]
160963MissBack, Johanna WJohanna Wilhelma [DBC 107]
160962MrsBack, Louisa P JLouisa Petronella [DBC 107]
161258MrBadenhorst, Adriaan JohansAdrian Johs Hendk [DBC 107]; Adrian Johannes Hendk [DBC 108]
161016MissBadenhorst, Aletta MAletta Maria [DBC 107]
160852MrsBadenhorst, Anna MAnna Magdalena [DBC 107]
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