BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Wasserman, Professor Johan (192)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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2124MasterAkkerman, Dekker Barnardjongen; Ackerman
123950MasterAudie, John
115701MasterAuth, Petrus JohannesOats; Auts
2609MsBadenhorst, H M M
123953MsBeiitenbach, H S
22782MissBeukes, Magdalena Johanna CatharinaM I, M J S: B M N B
22784MrsBeukes, Magdalena Johanna Gertruida
3175MasterBezuidenhout, Jan Frederik
3189MissBezuidenhout, MargarethaM
123954MissBierman, K W
3361MissBooyens, DinaD, jongen
3484MissBoshoff, Aletta Elisabeth Johanna WilleminaMartha Elizabeth Johanna Wilhelmina
3488MasterBoshoff, Barend DanielB D T
3510MasterBoshoff, Machiel Daniel Bester
23099MasterBotes, Nicolaas GeorgeNicholas George
3615MasterBotha, Adriaan Jacobus
4062MasterBotha, babyzoontje, one of twins
3749MasterBotha, babykind, H; unchristened
23337MissBothma, Gertruida Louisa
23336MasterBothma, Lodewijk ChristoffelLodewyk C

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