BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 123 Ladysmith CR (672)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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115859Mrde Villiers, Bernardus JBernardus Johns
116094Masterde Villiers, ChristoffelChristoffel Lombaard
174093Masterde Villiers, Christoffel
174047Mrde Villiers, Cornelius Janse
115983Missde Villiers, CorrieCornelia Jacoba
115339Masterde Villiers, DavidDavid Stephs
116482Masterde Villiers, DavidDavid Jacobus
115855Masterde Villiers, David JDavid Jacobus
116095Missde Villiers, ElizabethElizabeth Maria
116481Missde Villiers, ElizabethElizabeth Catherina
116480Mrsde Villiers, ElizabethElizabeth Catherina
115341Missde Villiers, ElizabethElizabeth Cornelia
115982Masterde Villiers, Francois
115981Masterde Villiers, FrankFrancois Jocs
115978Mrde Villiers, FransFrancois Jacobua
115347Masterde Villiers, Hendrik
115340Masterde Villiers, HendrikHendrik Lodewyk
174090Mrsde Villiers, Hester Petronella
115979Mrsde Villiers, IsabellaIsabella Aletta
174091Missde Villiers, Jacoba
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