BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in DBC 123 Ladysmith CR (672)

(Surname / Surname,Names)

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115698MissAuth, JohannaOats, Anna Maria; Auts, Anna Marguerita Maria
115699MissAuth, MagdalenaOats, Magdelena Hester; Auts, Hester Magdalena
115697MrsAuth, MagdelenaOats, Magdelena Petronella; Auts
115701MasterAuth, Petrus JohannesOats; Auts
116292MrsCilliers, AlidaCelliers, Alida Elizabeth
115352MasterCloete, Adrian
115356MissCloete, ElizabethElizabeth Johanna
115353MissCloete, Florence
115351MissCloete, Johanna
115355MasterCloete, JohnJohan
115350MissCloete, Maria
115354MissCloete, PaulinaJolena
115349MissCloete, Rachel
174154Missde Kock, Martha Elizabeth
173986Mrde Man, Dirk
116647Missde Necker, Maria MMaria Magdelena
115345Missde Villiers, Alberta
115342Mrsde Villiers, AlbertaAlberta Jacomina
115338Mrsde Villiers, AnnaAnna Maria Joh Mag
115346Missde Villiers, AnnieAnna

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