BCCDBritish Concentration Camps
of the South African War

Persons in Armstrong, Camp Diary (57)

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2121MasterAhlers, JacobusAlders
124054MrAlberts, Lewis J CornelisLouis J
2162MasterAlberts, Sarel Francois
124000MissAllers, Doreathea O CDoortia Susana K A; Ahlers, Dorothea Susanna
2318Annandale, C F
124052MasterAnvondale, Christian FredrikAvondale, Christiaan Frederik
124053MissAnvondale, Getruida JohGetruida Johanna; Avondale
114738MrsArmstrong, Henrietta Esther Carolina
124106MasterAurets, BenedictusOiret, Benedictis
124077MissAustin, Martha MariaAusten, Martha Maria Magdalena Cornelia
124009MasterAustin, PetrusAusten, Pieter
85706MasterAustin, Samuel Jacobus
2526MissBadenhorst, Anna Alida
124134MrsBadenhorst, Anna JacobaAnna J
124138MasterBadenhorst, Casper Hendrik
129696MrsBadenhorst, Cathrina AlettaCathrina B
124790MissBadenhorst, Christina Gertruida JCathrina Gertruida Johanna; Caratina Gertruida Johanna; Cerstina Gertruida Johanna
124237MasterBadenhorst, Christoffel PetrusChristoffel Petrus Stephanus
124785MrBadenhorst, Hendrik
124763MasterBadenhorst, Hendrik

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